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The wordsmiths over at the Hillary Clinton campaign just can’t help themselves from coming up with insipid, potentially self-destructive names for their main opponent, a man whose appearance alone lends itself to an infinite array of much more spectacular nicknames.

During a campaign stop at an elementary school in Oakland, California, on Friday, the Democratic presidential candidate unveiled her new jab at Donald Trump, who is the Republican presumptive nominee: The “presumptuous nominee.” She went on, according to ABC News:

“Their presumptive nominee, otherwise called their presumptuous nominee has made it really clear he basically said wages are too high in America. And that’s why he doesn’t think we need to raise the minimum wage. And I gotta tell you I ask myself all the time, who he is talking to?”

Tack on five letters to an already jargon-y word, and voilà! You’ve made an ineffective meme. But at least, mercifully, this may signal a departure from that other nickname beloved by the Clinton campaign.