Tourists on safari at South Africa's Kruger National Park who thought they were witnessing the harsh realities of nature when they spotted a herd of impalas being chased down by two hungry cheetah were left "dumbstruck" when one of the impalas decided to break the rules by diving out of harm's way straight into one of the idling cars.

After the coast was clear, the impala hopped out of the vehicle and trotted away.

"My family are so jealous. In all the years my parents have been going to Kruger Park they have never seen anything like it and we do go regularly," said Samantha Pittendrigh, who filmed the incredible sight. "I was very happy to witness something like that but I felt a sorry for the cheetah. There are so many impala, it is not like they will miss one of them."

[video via Bancroft TV]