This past Saturday, kidnapping survivor Amanda Berry—last seen in a grateful YouTube video with fellow victims Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight—appeared onstage an all-day Cleveland concert, where she joined headliner Nelly for his triple-platinum hit, "Just a Dream."

A few weeks ago, radio host Shane French, who anchors the morning-show Rover's Morning Glory on Cleveland's WMMS, invited Berry to the station's annual concert on the air, but never heard anything in response. Then on the day of the sold-out Roverfest, Berry unexpectedly showed up at the gates with a group of friends and family. French convinced his guest to let him introduce her. “I told her she had a little bit of time to make up on the partying and you guys would help her out tonight,” French told the crowd, as the 27-year-old grinned widely.

Would like to pretend this next part wasn't such a distraction, but: Two of the guys in Berry's group went onstage in matching black T-shirts that read on the front, "Hey man where's that party everyone is talkin' about?" and on the back, "In your mouth and everyone's CUMMIN'."

Anyway! Here's a short clip of Berry and her sister with Nelly.

[Associated Press // videos via Slate]

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