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We already knew that Cleveland was prepping for a riot gear-paved hell should the situation at the upcoming Republican National Convention turn dire. Now, thanks to, we’ve learned that cops are also keeping 200 beds open at the Cuyahoga County Jail just in case.

As we’ve discussed before, the city of Cleveland does have plenty of reason to protest. They already did so in December after the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice failed to be indicted. Now that Donald Trump is the official presumptive nominee, though, there at least won’t be any brokered convention-inspired violence. Then again, Trump’s supporters haven’t exactly needed the inspiration in the past.

Still, the city of Cleveland isn’t taking any chances. From the county’s submission:

This agreement will allow Cuyahoga County to house “fresh arrests” that are made by Cleveland Division of Police related to the RNC event. The County will guarantee the City the availability of up to 200 beds for use by the City. In order to accommodate this arrangement, the County will transfer 200 of its own inmates from downtown to Bedford Heights jail and lease for the week. reports that the county board is likely to approve the following purchases in anticipation the RNC:

  • 100 body cameras on a five-year contract
  • Urban search and rescue response breaching equipment
  • Mass casualty incident trailer supplies
  • hand held radiation detection unit
  • Chemical/gas detection host controller
  • Ground resistance tester

Have fun at the convention, everyone.