A former high school classmate of Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof tells the Daily Beast Roof was a prescription pill abuser who “made a lot of racist jokes.”

Roof is the main suspect in Wednesday night’s Charleston church shooting that left at least nine people dead.

The classmate, John Mullins, tells the website Roof was “kind of wild” but not an outcast at the school.

“He used drugs heavily a lot,” Mullins said. “It obviously harder than marijuana. He was like a pill popper, from what I understood. Like Xanax, and stuff like that.”


“I never heard him say anything, but just he had that kind of Southern pride, I guess some would say. Strong conservative beliefs,” he said. “He made a lot of racist jokes, but you don’t really take them seriously like that. You don’t really think of it like that.”

But now, “the things he said were kind of not joking,” Mullins added.

Roof was reportedly apprehended Thursday morning in Shelby, North Carolina.

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