Windsor city officials were sent scrambling for the red phone this week after a local news station alerted them to a bushy, 10-foot-tall penis that popped up overnight along the waterfront.

CBC News reports that Mayor Eddie Francis was "not happy" when told that one of the city's shrubs had undergone a phallic makeover.

"The bush was in the sculpture garden, and somebody took it upon themselves to reshape the bush into something that they wanted to see," the city's parks boss John Miceli told the Windsor Star. "Whoever did the shaping was pretty proficient at shaping bushes."

Miceli said workers were "immediately deployed" to address the impromptu pubic art piece, and, indeed, within a half hour of the news reaching city hall, the bush had been retrimmed into what another city official called a "more traditional shrub shape."

For the record, this is what it looks like now. Much better.

[H/T: Dlisted, screengrab via CBC News]