The St. Lawrence River, a beautiful waterway where newborn beluga calfs frolic every year, will soon be home to some new residents: heaps and heaps of untreated sewage.

The country’s environment minister Catherine McKenna Monday approved Montreal’s plan to dump the discharge into the 114-mile river on Monday, according to the Associated Press. McKenna said she is “less than ideal,” but nevertheless gave the giant shit-scrap project a big thumbs-up.

The new plan will have to meet stricter conditions that before, including stricter monitoring and after-the-fact cleanup protocol (these conditions do not include actually treating the shit).

The project was vehemently opposed by environmentalists, who say that fish, birds and marine mammals would be harmed by it. A citizen petition with 90,000 names was presented to Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

Coderre, however, argued that the plant is necessary, because one of the large sewers that pipes waste to a treatment facility is closing temporarily.

The belugas, which have faced steep declines due to pollution in recent years, breed at the mouth of the St. Lawrence.

Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea, swim so wild in a lot of pee.

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