America's ongoing housing trends have been clear for years: upwardly mobile people are moving to cities, leaving our nation's crumbling suburbs to the deer and the underclass. The latest US Census figures show this trend continuing, DESPITE any propaganda you may hear from suburban apologists.

Newly released Census figures covering July 2012-July 2013 confirm a few things: Americans are now flocking back to the South and West, ignoring its blistering drought and fiery chile-drenched food; tons of people are moving to the towns in the deserts of Texas in pursuit of the new oil boom, despite the damning evidence that such towns are located in Texas; and, yes, people continue to move into cities and away from suburbs.

That last point may be somewhat obscured, however. Examine these two headlines this morning:

USA Today: In latest U.S. Census figures, cities continue growing

Wall Street Journal: Signs of a Suburban Comeback

Why the discrepancy? That's right: it's because the Wall Street Journal is run by crypto-fascist suburban apologists. More specifically, the WSJ based its headline on the fact that, for the first time since 2006, the suburbs saw their growth rate increase, as the growth of cities was slightly down from last year. It appears that city growth hit a lull in the past year. The majority of America's 50 biggest cities saw suburban growth outpace city growth in the past year. However! Do not be fooled!

Overall, cities are still growing slightly faster than the suburbs... Cities in metro areas greater than 1 million people grew at a 1.02% annual rate in 2012-2013, down from 1.13% in 2011-12, according to Mr. Frey's analysis. Suburban areas, by contrast, grew at a rate of 0.96%, roughly on par with the 0.95% the prior year, Mr. Frey's analysis shows.

Sure, the burb-city growth gap has slowed. So? You wanna bet on a mass return to the suburbs, my friend? Be my guest. You and the editors of the Wall Street Journal ignore your dusty golf course wasteland for the next few years, until the next housing bubble pops and sends everyone scurrying back to the urban oases of rationality. Leave us the keys to your apartments.

[Image via US Census]