King of Queens star and former co-host of The Talk Leah Remini has left the Church of Scientology after some 30 years over a falling out with Church leader David Miscavige.

The news was reported this morning by the New York Post and later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier this week, Tony Ortega published an exposé on his Scientology website detailing years of tension between Remini and Miscavige over the Church's controversial excommunication policies and Remini's labeling of Miscavige's management style as "corrupt" in formal documents.

Ortega says the rift first formed back in November 2006, at the wedding ceremony of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, when Remini "dared to ask about" the whereabouts of Miscavige's wife Shelly.

Mike Rinder, a former member of Scientology's elite religious order Sea Org, claims former Scientology Celebrity Centre head Tommy Davis shouted down Remini's inquiry, telling her "You don’t have the fucking rank to ask about Shelly."

Shelly and David's marriage had been on the rocks at the time, and she hasn't been seen publicly since 2007.

The breaking point for Remini, once an ardent defender of the Church, apparently came after years of "interrogations" aimed at breaking her spirit through "thought modification" and other psychologically invasive procedures.

Despite extracting herself from the Church, Remini remains a supporter of L. Ron Hubbard's belief system, according to Rinder.

For its part, the Church denies the claims that Remini is no longer a member, as does her husband.

Remini herself has not directly addressed the reports, but did retweet a Viktor Frankl quote that appears to allude to her current status: "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

[photos via Getty, AP]