Its existence is fairly well known in Washington — there's even an Amazon show about it — but this week Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Dick Durbin and Rep. George Miller opened up their D.C. frat house to CNN, and things got weird.

They've lived there for decades with different roommates on-and-off — former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta once lived there — and the house has been featured before in the media.

But the CNN coverage makes the living situation — especially Schumer's — sound decidedly un-congressional.

Paint peeling off the walls. Sheets for curtains. Broken blinds. A mangled wicker chair made settable with a board. An ancient stove with a giant hole. And there's also the pile of underwear in the living room.

But it's the coverage of Schumer's habits that really stands out. For example:

  • Fratboy doesn't need a bedroom. His bed is in the living room.
  • His bed is actually a mattress next to the kitchen.
  • He almost never makes his bed. Because, what's the point? You're just going to get back in it anyway.
  • He uses an old couch as a makeshift closet. Again, why hang stuff up when you're just going to put it back on the next day.
  • He stores his Toms deodorant on top of a nearby record player (easy access).
  • They keep Bud Light in the fridge.
  • He sleeps with a life-sized cardboard Barack Obama over his bed.
  • His wife refuses to stay there when she's in town.

According to, Schumer's net worth is somewhere between $472,019 and $1,230,000. The rent is $750 a month.

[image via CNN]