Eos lip balm spokesperson Christina Aguilera celebrated her birthday with friends at Disneyland two weeks ago. At the time, she posted on Instagram that it was a fun party at the "happiest place on earth." Courtesy of a new report from TMZ, we've learned that wasn't the case for Mickey Mouse.

Christina allegedly flipped out on the mouse when he refused to take a photo with her, citing the fact that his shift was over. According to TMZ, "Aguilera lost it, and called Mickey an 'a**hole.' We're told she even dropped the dreaded, 'Do you know who I am?'"

After Christina's entourage started threatening the mouse, "Mickey had to be ushered to a safe zone." TMZ reports that security was called, but Christina and her friends bounced first.

It's not clear what happened to Mickey after he was placed in the "safe zone"—perhaps he's still there. This has been an important reminder that the Mickey Mouse Club does not offer lifetime memberships.

[Photo via Instagram]