Kaci Hickox, the nurse who returned from Sierra Leone on Friday only to be forced into "inhumane" quarantine in Newark, is now being permitted by New Jersey governor Chris Christie to self-quarantine at her home in Maine. Hickox tested negative for Ebola on Friday.

"I'm hopeful that this morning if all goes well we'll be able to release her and send her back to Maine," Christie said Monday morning, according to the New York Times.

Governor Christie and Governor Cuomo announced plans on Friday to force patients into mandatory 21-day quarantine if they had been treating Ebola patients in West Africa. The policy was immediately slammed by health experts, who say mandatory quarantines will only add to Ebola panic and could deter health workers from volunteering in West Africa.

In response to her forced detainment, Hickox has said that she plans to sue.

[Image via AP]