A Christian puppeteer who regularly used his long-running Christian Television Network show to warn children about the sin of pornography was sentenced this week to 20 years behind bars for possession of child pornography.

More troubling still is Largo, Florida resident Ronald William Brown's involvement in an alleged conspiracy to kidnap, cook, and eat a child whom he met through his affiliation with the Gulf Coast Church.

Brown, 58, was a leader in the church's Puppet Ministry program for kids, and would regularly interact with the congregation's youngest members.

Local authorities say Brown and his co-conspirator Michael Arnett chatted online about targeting a specific child for their sinister cannibalistic plan.

"I imagine him wiggling and then going still," Brown reportedly told Arnett in one of their many chats.

Brown would often solicit obscene images of children being tied up, gagged, or otherwise harmed.

Investigators say Brown would often write out his murder fantasies in online forums and requested photos of dead children from like-minded individuals.

But, according to Brown, he never intended to act out the fantasies.

In addition to 20 years of prison time, Brown will also be required to register as sex offender upon his release, and submit to regular probation reviews for the rest of his life.

He will also be prohibited from accessing a computer with an Internet connection.

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