Director David Fincher says Oscar winner and second-best-Batman Christian Bale is his first (and only) choice to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming Jobs biopic. The still-untitled film was written by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote Fincher's The Social Network.

Bale doesn't officially have an offer, but Fincher says he won't take the project unless the actor agrees to star.

The script is based on 3 scenes from Walter Isaacson's lengthy biography of Jobs: the launch of the Mac, the launch of the iPad, and the debut of NeXT, the operating system Jobs worked on while in exile from Apple.

Presumably, it will be something like the Ashton Kutcher-starring Jobs, but with less of Jobs' early years and more of Aaron Sorkin.

The Wrap reports that although Jobs only grossed $35 million worldwide, Sony thinks there's plenty interest in a film about the Apple founder "made by and featuring A-list talent" that doesn't involve Ashton Kutcher.

[H/T: The Verge, Photo Credit: AP Photo]