Wow Chris Rock must be a terrible driver, or something.

The actor, who's been posting selfies each time he's stopped by a cop, apparently got pulled over at least three times in the last two months. The settings vary—day, night, driver's seat, backseat—but the message is the same: "wish me luck."

Rock hasn't commented publicly about his traffic stop Groundhog Day, but he has told Jerry Seinfeld he feels unsafe on the road, even as a famous person.

"It'd be such a better episode if he pulled me to the side and beats the shit out of me, don't you think? Now here's the crazy thing: If you weren't here, I'd be scared. I'm famous, still black. Right now, I'm looking for my license right now," Rock said last year when the duo got pulled over on an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Seems a little much! Equally surprising is that the DMV haven't revoked his license based on the multitude of traffic infractions he appears to be incurring on such a regular basis. (Based on the unbruised selfies, however, it's assumed he didn't run any stop signs.)

Still, could the solution be fully within Rock's control? You're a successful movie star, maybe you should drive a crappier car. Didja ever think of that?

Good luck Chris Rock.

[image via AP]