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Chris Christie, who acted wickedly in a past life and must now mortify himself as Donald Trump’s personal jester, has debased himself once more, having been seen inexplicably pouring a bag of M&Ms into a box of M&Ms. Instead of shrugging off this scandal on account of being A) an adult, B) a U.S. governor, or C) a man with self-respect, he called into a New Jersey talk radio show.

Explaining why you might combine two different containers of M&Ms candies is infinitely more embarrassing than being caught in the act of combining to different containers of M&Ms.

But on today’s Boomer and Carton sports talk radio show, the increasingly fetishistic self-degradation of Chris Christie continued (press play on the video at the top of this post to listen):

Christie: There’s a bag inside the box, you dope.

Host: Why would you go bag-to-box? Just eat ‘em out of the bag!

Christie: You know why? Because it’s easier to hold the box than to hold the bag.

Host: So you’re saying a bag of M&Ms is in an M&M bag inside a box of M&Ms? Got it, that’s an interesting maneuver.

Host: So it was not to get a bag of mms into... it was jsut transferring the mms from a soft paper into a box?

Christie: You get the box, you ope the box, there’s a bag inside the box, why they do it that way I have no idea, but you open the up the bag, you pour the bag into the box so it’s easier to hold.

Host: Why not just sell it in the box?

Christie: Listen, I run New Jersey, not M&M Mars. I have no idea.

Host: But M&M Mars is in New Jersey.

Christie: It is, of course it is, and it’s a wonderful corporate citizen.

Host: Shut ‘em down!

Christie: We love ‘em. The 75th anniversary of M&Ms, we’re thrilled.


Christie: Even if i was bag-to-bag, how that’s a story, I have no idea.

Left unexplained is why a box is “easier” to hold than a bag, or how Chris Christie can look at himself in a mirror without sobbing.