Chris Christie, a glutton for punishment, among other things, has come to Melania Trump’s defense by helpfully pointing out that something like “93 percent” of her speech wasn’t plagiarized.

Christie has taken a hard stance on plagiarism before—in 2014, upon learning then-Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke had plagiarized campaign materials.

“I don’t think they were teaching plagiarism at Harvard Business School. I don’t think they were teaching you to cut and paste other peoples’ work and call it your own,” he said. “If you can’t trust her honesty and her integrity when she tells you that this is her plan, why would you trust her honesty and integrity on anything else she tells you about what she’ll do for Wisconsin or about Scott’s record? You shouldn’t trust any of it.”

But time spent fetching McDonalds for the Trump campaign does something to a man. This morning, Matt Lauer asked him of Melania Trump’s clearly plagiarized speech, “You’re a former prosecutor, could you make the case for plagiarism?”

Here is what he said: “Nah. Not when 93 percent of the speech is completely different than Michelle Obama’s speech.”

He’s going to make a great Attorney General.