Chris Brown made it down to our nation's capital this weekend, and what did he do? Tour the White House? Check out the monuments? Debate the intricacies of DC pizza versus New York and LA?

Nope. He punched a guy in the face early this morning, landing him yet another assault charge.

Brown was in town, where he partied at the Park on 14th nightclub and overly emoted while lipsyncing to Brandy.

Brown and his bodyguard then apparently got into an altercation with another man around 4:30 a.m. at the W, just a few blocks away from the nightclub. The argument culminated in Brown allegedly punching the man in the face. TMZ reports the other man never threw a punch and is claiming injury at a local hospital.

Witnesses say Brown didn't appear to be intoxicated.

Brown and his bodyguard were both arrested on felony assault charges and booked into a DC jail. Brown probably won't be released until Monday, when he'll be able to see a judge for arraignments. A call to Gwendolyn Crump, spokesperson for DC's Metropolitan Police, went unanswered.

[image via AP]