Heh: Cory Booker’s not the only one sending bashful Twitter messages to Portland strippers. Lynsie Lee, the Portland-area stripper who (sort of) flirted with Newark mayor Cory Booker on Twitter, has maintained a year-long Twitter-based friendship with New York Magazine social media editor Stefan Becket (pictured above, on the right), who is almost certainly the most famous social media editor in New York City. The pair finally met in person, at a Soho bar, just two weeks before BuzzFeed reported on Lee’s private messages with Booker.

Becket told us that his and Lee’s interactions were mostly one-way, with Lee tweeting at him for absolutely no reason. “It’s sort of mundane,” he said, adding, “She tweets pictures of her boobs all the time.” Becket explained that their recent meeting in New York was “awkward” and that he was reluctant to appear in a picture Lee had taken of them, which she later published on Twitter, showing her and Becket holding hands. (Lee did not respond to a request for comment.)

For posterity’s sake, here are a few highlights of the greatest-ever Stripper-Social Media Editor Non-Romance:

(The photo linked therein is decidedly NSFW.) Becket responded: “Holy shit. You sure did.”

A few months later:

To which Becket responded:

Lee tweeted back:

Later that year:

Fast-forward to earlier this month: