While not quite as beautiful as last fall's animated short film, Chipotle's new TV show—about the horrors of industrial farming—seems like it'll be a hit with the burrito chain's diehard fans.

The show, called Farmed and Dangerous, is a four-part satirical series starring Ray Wise. But other than its "Chipotle original series" tag and a character named Chip, the 30-minute show makes no mention of the burrito chain.

Instead, it's designed to further establish Chipotle's brand as one of the few major fast food chains to champion sustainable agriculture and the "humane" treatment of animals.

"Farmed and Dangerous is meant to strike large emotional chords — it's not about selling burritos," Daniel Rosenberg, whose New York-based company, Piro, produced the series with Chipotle, told the New York Times.

Farmed and Dangerous is just the latest millennial-friendly marketing ploy from Chipotle; in September, the company released an artful (and very "viral") ad that was described as "the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you'll ever see."

Hulu will host the episodes starting in February.