A Chipotle restaurant in State College, PA, near Penn State University, has closed unexpectedly, because the workers were like, "fuck this job."

The sign pictured above (via the Daily Collegian) was taped on the door of the Chipotle today. If you don't want to take the time to read it all let me summarize its main points for you in blog aggregation fashion: "Fuck this job, this job sucks, this job doesn't pay shit" (the sign in question is actually far more eloquent than this).

Pretty cool wildcat walkout overall and I am being serious about that. Shout out to some fed up Chipotle workers who keep it hardcore.

The Chipotle has reportedly reopened and is once again serving them burritos. To support low-paid employees of Chipotle and other fast food outlets, you can join the movement for improved fast food wages, or just sit around talking about supporting it while you eat your Chipotle burrito ("The American Special").

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