A laid-back, friendly fellow known as "the Gentleman" is beloved by all at a bar in Chihuahua, Mexico. All, that is, except the guy who stabbed him in the freakin' head with a pair of scissors.

The Gentleman, real name Jonas Acevedo Monroy, "was being charming with everyone in the bar when one of the locals took umbrage," one of Monroy's friends told Central European News.

"He came over and started trying to wind Jonas up, but when that didn't work, he started getting abusive and aggressive."

Acevedo Monroy, true to his nickname, tried to smooth things over by offering to buy the enraged man a drink, but the other guy wasn't having it. He produced a pair of scissors from his pocket and deposited them forcefully into the Gentleman's brain.

The attacker ran off while Acevedo Monroy's buddy drove him to a local hospital, where the above X-ray was produced.

"At first we thought it was some sort of joke, but then he fainted and we rushed him into emergency," a hospital official told CEN, "He had been stabbed in the upper-left side of his skull and the scissors had penetrated his parietal brain lobe. He is lucky to be alive."

Adding to the Gentleman's legend, he shook the receptionist's hand and, bloody pair of scissors still protruding from his head, said he "seemed to have a small problem."

Classy guy, that Gentleman.

Local newspaper El Diario de Chihuahua confirms the stabbing, adding that Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Armendáriz, alias "El Sierreño," was arrested early Monday for the attack and charged with intentional injury.

[h/t NY Post, Photo: El Diario]