They said it didn’t exist but Oregon’s got it: a chill airport that just wants you to do you, man. You want to leave your weed at home? That’s cool, dude. You want to take it on the airplane? That’s cool, too. Whatever you’re feeling, man. Whatever you’re feeling.

This chill sitch obviously comes with some guidelines (you can’t take it on out-of-state flights or pack more than an o-z) but TSA agents within the state are no longer allowed to “confiscate,” “throw away,” or “pocket for later ;)” your sweet bud. Via UPI:

Airport officials said the Transportation Security Administration is not focused on finding marijuana, but rather keeping up with security and safety issues. If a TSA agent finds a passenger with marijuana, the local police will be notified to ensure it is within the legal weight limit (up to an ounce), the passenger is of legal age to carry the drug (21) and the boarding pass indicates an in-state flight. If everything checks out, the passenger is free to travel.

That’s right, weed guy, go on and take that baggie out of your butt. You’re free to travel now!

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