Months ago, I suggested starting a Building Implosions Reviews subblog on but was swiftly and permanently denied. In the months since good implosion content first hit our webspace, the implosion game has been upped—by a four-year-old kid.

Young DJ Pitts, who had been a patient at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, was selected as the chief implosion controller for the Executive Park Motor Hotel, where CHOA will expand its facilities after the implosion mess is cleaned up. In the clip below, you can see Pitts holding a cartoonishly large button controller that triggered the 19-story building's collapse, inciting envy in every direction.

According to NBC11, it took only 20 seconds for the building to collapse and the hotel had been standing since the 70s.

For a different and more majestic angle of the implosion, watch here:

[Image via YouTube]