Chet Haze, the biological son of Hollywood star Tom Hanks and America's unintentionally funniest young man, is speaking out via social media after a variety of hilarious Chet Haze-related events.

In a bold video statement posted to Instagram yesterday, Chet Haze says the following, while walking down a sidewalk and looking at a downward angle into his phone's video camera: "If I was just an anonymous person, people wouldn't have problems with how I carry myself. But because my dad is famous, everybody has an expectation of who I should be and who I shouldn't be. But you know what, at the end of the day, I have a voice, I'ma use it, cause I'm just Chet."

Haze's statement comes in the wake of the time Chet Haze tweeted photos of himself holding guns earlier this week, shortly after tweeting a photo of "Young Rico [Chet Haze] striking the 80's b-boy pose on the lawn of the White House in a tuxedo," shortly after spending the last few years morphing from a college rapper to an R&B singer to what I would humbly call America's foremost comic philosopher.

He's just Chet.

[Pic: Chet]