Sorry, patrons of Hungry Howies Pizza—a $85,000 shipment of shredded mozzarella on its way to a distribution center in Lakeland, Fla. was stolen.

The driver, the Ocala Star-Banner reports, was transporting the cheese with his girlfriend when they left the trailer at Hubbard's Truck Parking last Saturday night to have the hauler checked by a mechanic. When the driver's girlfriend drove by the parking lot Sunday, the trailer—and all the cheese—was gone.

According to NBC Miami, while police were investigating the scene, they learned of a trailer hauler that was also stolen from the same parking lot, "presumably to take the [cheese] trailer."

And get this: the trailer housing the $85,000 worth of mozzarella is apparently valued at $62,000. A $147,000 heist.

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