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“I’m doing good for the Muslims,” Donald Trump told Don Lemon in an interview on “CNN Tonight” tonight on CNN. “Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me. They say, ‘Donald, you brought something up to the fore that is so brilliant and so fantastic.’”

“I have many friends who are Muslims,” Donald told Don. “They’re phenomenal people. They are so happy at what I’m doing.” Hmm. “I love the Middle East,” Donald said. “I love the people of the Middle East.”

(Even if that is true, the feeling is not exactly mutual. “I now feel ashamed to live in a building associated with such a vile man,” Melek Toprak, 38, who lives at Trump Towers Istanbul, with her sister, told the New York Times. A Middle Eastern billionaire, Khalaf al-Habtoor, told the paper: “He insulted 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, and he has business in the Arab world...He will lose because respectable Muslims will refuse to work with him.”)

Trump also said that he is “the least racist person that you have ever met,” and that being compared to Hitler doesn’t bother him.

“You know where things bother me?” Trump asked. “If things are true.”

“If that were true, it would bother me tremendously,” Trump said. “But of course, if you were a racist, you probably wouldn’t care. But if things are true, it would bother me. But if it’s so false, and honestly I don’t hear it often.”

Just to be clear: things that are true bother Donald Trump.

Also, in the clip that leads this post, he was talking about Syrian refugees. So strong.

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