Professional slab of beef Channing Tatum, despite having been a stripper and then later making a movie about it, just seems to have no earthly idea how any of this "gay stuff" works and what it even looks like.

He's getting all kinds of buzz for his role as wrestler Mark Schultz in Bennett Miller's long-delayed Foxcatcher, which premiered this week at Cannes. Some people think he might even get nominated for (and win?) and Oscar. At lunch with reporters, he attempted to disabuse any of you who might think wrestling is at all homoerotic, because:

"Wrestling is an intimate thing," Tatum adds. "It's weird from an outsider's perspective. It's very homosexual–I've gotten that a lot. I always say just come on and try it out, you'll realize how non-homosexual it is. It's too painful and violent."

...What? Because gay people are incapable of inflicting pain or violence? How brave of you to have overcome this notion you have that any given sport might be "homosexual."

And is there a list of "homosexual" sports? Is it tiered, like is there a subset of sports that "look" homosexual and then ones that just "are" homosexual? Also, do you regularly refer to gay people as "homosexuals?" Should we reciprocate and only refer to you as "heterosexual?" Just so we know, just so it's clear?

I don't know, man.

[Image via AP]