Chanel's autumn/winter 2014 ready-to-wear runway show took place Tuesday morning inside a fake supermarket designed by creative director Karl Lagerfeld at the Grand Palais in Paris.

For many of the models and glamorous guests in attendance, it was the first time they had been inside a supermarket. They were intrigued to discover that grocery shopping takes the basic principle of shopping, as for a blue wool cape or exquisite bag of buttons, and applies it to those perishable goods laid out for grazing at parties, brunch buffets, etc.

Looking at pictures from the show offers a sensation akin to suddenly being able to understand a pack of Lhasa apsos' gossip, discovering they're all doing impressions of you, and then realizing that, even though the Lhasa apsos are obviously playing it up for comedic effect, perhaps you really do say the word "bagel" oddly? Beggle? Baygel? How do other people say it?

The New York Times described the show using words like "sporty," "merry," and "fantastic," all of which are normal ways to describe clothes you saw at the grocery store. The Guardian wrote that a "melee" broke out after the models' final lap as fashion editors scrabbled over the set's meticulously designed Chanel-themed props dressing the giant set (tuna tins marked "Délice de Gabrielle" after Coco's real name; a welcome mat; a "chainsaw" with a silver Chanel handbag chain as the saw).

Nothing to see here except two citizens grocery shopping.

Lagerfeld has a history of high (or, anyway, sprawling)-concept shows. Last October, for the fashion house's spring 2014 runway show, he constructed a giant Chanel-inspired modern art gallery in the same space.

This year, Uncle Drosselmeyer led Clara to the nut aisle.

One woman just wandered in off the street to buy food for her family. She needed one jar of anything, a big green, and one clear. Hello! she waved to all the cheeses.

Viewed from a distance, the set sort of looked like a nightmare about wandering around a grocery store in the Uncanny Valley looking for the checkout counter while a silent audience watches you, and then you go to pull your wallet out of your Chanel bag but it's empty, so you try to reach into your pockets but they're sewn shut, and you turn to Karl Lagerfeld like, "Help me out, man" and he's a neighbor whose name escapes you.

After the runway show, attendee Rihanna had fun pretending she was in a grocery store. So chic and bright. A warehouse repository for colors. We should have them everywhere.

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