Oh, My Cakes! Little Prince G Made Cakes

And he sold them to support African wildlife

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
sticky lil fingers

We love Prince George over here. He’s a tidy and immaculate boy, and even though he wore that baby-sized bathrobe to meet Barack Obama, I get the sense that he’s a fellow who understands decorum. He follows rules, and if a certain piece of agitprop about William’s 40th birthday spun from the rumormongers over at People is to be believed, the little one also loves picking up garbage.

That’s why I’m so surprised that the well-ordered young Prince would have a bake sale in the early days of Covid, as the pandemic ravaged the U.K. I don’t know about you, but I was eating Lysoled beans and angel hair pasta for months back then. I certainly wasn’t offering my homemade goods to my grandmum’s employees in exchange for 10 quid or so (assuming this little outrage of a cake sale was taking place on one of her many estates).

In an Independent article that reads like an advertisement for both the British monarchy and Georgie’s sweet shoppe, Charlie Mayhew, the chief executive of the endangered species-protected charity Tusk, filled us in on the boy’s Covid cakes.

“Prince George very sweetly did a little cake sale to raise money for Tusk during lockdown and wrote a very sweet card about it, clearly demonstrating his concern for Africa’s wildlife,” he said. It’s worth noting that George’s Pa William has been a royal patron of the charity since 2005. Stage mum, much?

The small chap also wrote Mayhew a “very sweet card.” Mayhew declined to tell the amount of money George raised with his pre-vax puds. Sinister. Suspicious. Sickly sweet.