TAMPA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 16: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speaks to the media after los...

Tom Brady Is So Divorced He Lost 15 Pounds

Maybe he should add nightshades back into his diet

Allie Jones
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 01: Harry Styles arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "My Polic...

You’re Laughing? Harry Styles Split His Pants Open Onstage and You’re Laughing?

Shameful behavior on your part

crotch watch
Kelly Conaboy
Alan Cumming (Photo by Fairchild Archive/Penske Media via Getty Images)

'Traitor' Alan Cumming Shoves His OBE Medal Right Back Into King Charles' Fat Wet Hands

He's no longer an Officer of the British Empire after learning of its "toxicity"

he probably read 'spare'
Claire Carusillo

Why Is Taylor Swift Always Showing Feet?

The woman loves to bare her sole

Olivia Craighead

Prince William Cracked Wise at a Food Bank

Get this guy on a British panel show

every day is red nose day
Claire Carusillo

Taylor Swift's Music Videos: A Race to the Bottom

A visual medium is not her forte

Film School (Taylor's Version)
Olivia Craighead

David Foster’s Collected Wisdom on Being a Really Old Dad

The 73-year-old musician knows a thing or two about taking care of a baby

Father Time
Allie Jones

Apple Martin's Secret to “It Girl” Status Revealed

Believe it or not, it isn't nepotism

Olivia Craighead

Anna Delvey Is Already a Better Talk Show Host Than Fallon

The fake heiress is developing a show called 'Delvey's Dinner Club' while under house arrest

Claire Carusillo

Leonardo DiCaprio Retreats Once Again to the Gentle Arms of the Pussy Posse

And in doing so, he provides comfort to all

our north star
Kelly Conaboy

Celebrity Reconciliation Watch: Exes Sean Penn and Robin Wright “Get Along Great”

Oh no

Together Again
Allie Jones

Julia Garner Released from Hell (Madonna Biopic)

The joke is on you if you thought this movie was ever going to happen

Don't Cry for Her
Olivia Craighead

Sad Sack of Pitt: Brad Brushed Off By Oscars for ‘Babylon’

Maybe pack it up vis a vis acting and really focus on your genderless grape serum line or reconnecting with your six children

lost in babylon
Claire Carusillo

Taylor Swift Snubbed Again

The songwriter did not receive an Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song"

Kelly Conaboy

Celebs Avoid Engaging With Stacy's Pita Chips at Sundance

If you can't get Bella Thorne to hold a bag, you've already lost

Olivia Craighead

Brie Larson’s Friends Should Check In On Her Stat

She seems to have (nut)cracked

Allie Jones