The Coca-Cola Company would like to celebrate the "good old times" of 1940s Germany with you. Haaretz writes:

"75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce," the video explained the reasons that lead the company to develop the drink. "To celebrate Fanta, we want to give you the feeling of the good old times back," the video went on, neglecting to mention that these "good old times" were the days of World War II and the Holocaust, in which millions perished.

"Resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were" indeed "scarce," because Germany was at the time in the midst of an violent and terrifying advance to spread its genocidal empire across Europe, and the United States had enacted a trade embargo against it. Why would Coca-Cola refer to such a period as "the good old times"? Possibly for the same reason it recently tweeted the opening of Mein Kampf from its official Twitter account: Because it is a clumsy, stupid corporation constitutionally unable to reckon with history, irony, or morality, and, thanks to its congenital sociopathy, incapable of instilling in its employees a sense of ethical duty or purpose. And also because it loves Hitler.

The video has since been replaced with "an edited version without a reference to the 'good old times.'" (The original, saved to Vimeo, can be viewed above.)

[h/t Eli Valley]

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