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In the midst of a rally that broke into violence, a CBS News journalist was caught in the fray, arrested while he says he was just doing his job.

Sopan Deb, a reporter who’s been covering Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during his campaign run, was on the floor at Trump’s disastrous rally in Chicago Friday night, capturing the melee as it unfolded.

After he exited the building to capture protests outside, Deb was thrown to the ground and arrested, charged with resisting arrest by the Illinois State Police.

A report from CBS News on the incident notes that in his footage of the arrest, Deb does not appear to be resisting. He also identified himself as a member of the media, saying, “I have I.D. Press credentials I can show you.”

Deb was put in the back of a police van, and eventually released and given back his camera.

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