Rob Morrison, the former CBS News anchor who was arrested last year for choking and threatening his wife, has run afoul of the law again — this time for harassing her by telephone.

Morrison allegedly made 121 calls to his wife over three days last month, the vast majority of which happened during a 14-hour period on May 25. Ashley Morrison — also a former CBS anchor — reported her husband to the Darien, Conn. police the day the day the harassment began, and he was arrested for violating a protecting order this week, the Connecticut Post reports.

Ashley Morrison told Darien Police Sgt. Keri Isaac she was scared and "she thinks Rob Morrison could kill her if she has him arrested." She said Rob Morrison told her that "she will never get rid of him," and she had fled to a friend's house with her son because she was afraid that he would show up at her home.

Rob Morrison alleges he made the calls not to harass his wife, but to speak to their son about a previous fight that ended with Ashley Morrison kicking Rob out of the family's house.

"There was no response and I became concerned," he said. "I don't want to talk to Ashley. I need to know my son is OK; what he witnessed, if it troubled him. We had long-term plans to go golfing the next day being broken. All he may be thinking is, 'Daddy's gone and he isn't coming back.' "

Over the course of the next couple days Morrison admitted, "I tried like hell to get in touch with her."

Police said Ashley Morrison was "irate" when she found out her husband was being arrested, and told an officer "things are fine and she does not want to pursue any charges."

After the arrest Monday, she picked up their son and flew to Florida. The Connecticut Post asked Rob why she might feel threatened:

"You are going to have to ask her that. I can't explain why someone who acts impulsively does or says the things they do," Morrison said.