The Catholic League's Bill Donohue is reveling in the attention he has received for announcing that he wants to march in New York's upcoming Pride Parade and then rejecting organizers' acceptance because of mandatory information and training sessions. Flattering himself and letting his fantasies get the best of him, Donohue calls these "gay training sessions," which they are not.

Donohue has written at length about this ordeal on Newsmax, and it's 17 garbled paragraphs of blah blah blah (to be fair, though, "I don't care a fig about 'training' sessions" is a fun thing to read) and then two paragraphs of, "What in the gay hell...?!" In them, Donohue reveals:

One more thing. One of the gay parade rules reads: "Nudity. The law prohibits nudity below the waist. Police will be present at The March and it is assumed that they will enforce the law."

Perhaps gay officials can explain why this is the only parade in New York City that feels compelled to issue such a rule. I know why — I have the pictures from the 1994 march — but that is for another time.

Bill Donohue has pictures of naked men and he isn't afraid to use them. That's one thing he cares a fig about.

[Image via AP]