What's this?! Cate Blanchett—professional actress, queen, always so composed—totally lost her cool, dropped the F-bomb, and cut off a painfully awkward interview while doing press for Cinderella?! Shut up!

No, seriously, shut up. What seems to have happened here is that Cate played along perfectly with annoying interviewer Jonathan Hyla of Australia's Channel Ten, but a clip taken out of context by the good ol' Daily Mail started the meme that the actress was genuinely flipping out.

Blanchett's "that's your fucking question?!" outburst came after she parried Hyla's uncomfortable banter for nearly four minutes, and she was clearly laughing at the end of the interview. Even the Mail, with its "loses her cool with journalist, swears on TV" headline, actually knew it was all a joke.

They buried this quote from a rep from the show, The Project, deep down in the story: "We were delighted to learn that Hyla and Cate Blanchett share the same wicked sense of humor. It is one of the funniest interviews we have ever done. There was much laughter throughout the interview, and too much content to air in our allowed time."

Hyla shared that unaired footage on Twitter, "for those misrepresenting" the interview:

Does that sound like a woman with anything less than copious, abundant reserves of cool? Get the fuck out of here.

[h/t WeSmirch]