A cat named Cuppy was a beloved family pet for about 14 years. But after holding his owners hostage in their bedroom earlier this week, his days at the residence might be numbered.

Southern California's Chula Vista police received a 911 phone call at 4 a.m. on Aug. 12 from a distraught mother and daughter who were forced to take refuge in a bedroom from a very pissed off cat.

"He's just a ball of fury I guess," Karen Yarger, a neighbor, told KGTV-TV.

According to the 911 dispatchers, the women tried to leave their barricaded bedroom, but Cuppy wouldn't have it.

The cat eventually left the premises when a pair of police officers—who were apparently having a slow night—rescued the family by "softly" calling Cuppy's name and cajoling him to leave.

It's not clear what made the once happily domesticated Cuppy mad.