Only one person knows where legendary DJ Casey Kasem is, and she's not telling anyone.

A Los Angeles judge ordered an investigation into his disappearance this week, part of a long-running court battle between Kasem's wife, Jean, and several of his children from previous marriages.

Kasem, who is 82, can no longer speak or eat on his own due to advanced Parkinson's. Over the past few years, he has apparently been living in different medical facilities chosen by his wife, Jean.

Kasem's children have been fighting for access to their father, claiming Jean's behavior has amounted to elder abuse. But things further escalated this week when Kasem's children told a judge they heard Kasem had been hidden on an Indian reservation in Washington state or in Canada.

Murphy's order came after Craig Marcus, an attorney who appeared on Jean Kasem's behalf at Monday's hearing, said he did not know where the radio personality was but knew that he had been removed from the country.

"I have no idea where he is," Marcus said.

After ordering the investigation, the judge appointed Kasem's daughter as Kasem's temporary conservator. Jean's lawyer says she has the right to move her husband as she sees fit.

[image via AP]