Imagine a bold reinvention of U.S. geography. Vermont, home of the dreaded Bernie Sanders, is forced to merge with Connecticut, and the rest of New England marches northward in celebration of the socialist purge. The Carson campaign would like you to know: If such an imaginary hybrid state did exist in real life, Carson would definitely not support Syrians taking refuge there.

Last night, the candidate’s campaign posted a map about Syrian refugees in America to Twitter and Facebook. Governors of the states in red on Carson’s map have taken public stances against allowing refugees, while the blue have supported refugee access and the gray have remained neutral. By bravely saying “NO,” Carson is aligning himself with the red states.

It was a concise and visually appealing way of arguing that Carson is just as paranoid and xenophobic as his competitors—except that some of those red and blue states aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Occasional Gawker contributor Joe Veix helpfully pointed out the inconsistencies on Twitter.

Somehow, every state northeast of New York was pushed toward Canada and the Atlantic Ocean, except for Vermont, which kept its usual spot but grew a tumor. The most bizarre part is the specificity of the error: it’s not like some design intern accidentally flipped the map upside-down or inverted its colors. It looks like it was done deliberately.

In any case, Carson’s social media team has since rejected this revolutionary vision for America’s future and updated the map accordingly.

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