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Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and a man who is not business magnate Russell Simmons marched in Baltimore today, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera confirmed this evening in an awkward on-camera interview.

Rivera, who has already spent much of the week getting owned in various capacities, spoke briefly with Anthony before turning his attention to former Def Jam president and non-Russell Simmons Kevin Liles.

“Mr. Simmons, Russell,” Rivera addressed Liles, “the hip hop mogul, why are you here?”

After Liles corrected Rivera, however, the semi-sentient mustache quickly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, you look just like him.”

Minutes later, CNN’s Brian Todd also noted the resemblance, weirdly joking, “You bear a striking resemblance to Russell Simmons, you tell me you’re not him, you tell me you’re Kevin Liles, I’m not sure I believe you. We think this is Russell Simmons, Wolf.”

It was not Russell Simmons, Wolf.

[h/t Mediaite]