On April 9, a delivery driver for Papa John's in Atlanta was stepping out of his car when two gunmen approached him. They demanded his car and took off, leaving the driver alone with his pizza. But instead of fleeing the scene or immediately calling the police, the driver did the honorable thing – he walked the pizza to the house that ordered it, accepted his payment, and then ran to get help.

Police said the man filed out an incident report, but didn't want to be dropped off at work; According to the report, he wanted to tell his boss at a later time so he wouldn't be fired. Who can know what sort of professional relationship this guy had with his boss, but it seems likely he would be promoted or rewarded instead of fired. Then again, we all know Papa John's doesn't have the best relationship with their employees (unless, of course, Papa John himself is drunk).

[AP/Image via Shutterstock]