A human who has been molded into a tool used to distract the working class from its state of economic penury yesterday publicly flaunted a tangible symbol of grotesque inequality in a manner that demonstrated a complete lack of fear of looming class war.

Kate Hudson, herself the child of a Hollywood star, is employed as one who appears in elaborately staged pretend stories, which are widely dispersed as a method of population pacification. In exchange she is paid many millions of dollars, which affords her the ability to live in a mansion. In addition, makers of luxury products targeted at the very wealthy shower her with gifts, both permanent and temporary, in the expectation that the association of a certain piece of fashion or jewelry will cause the rich to purchase these items, and cause the members of the general populace who have not yet attained political consciousness to lust for the items, feeding their misguided urge to throw themselves into the capitalist system of debt slavery in hopes of one day securing access to some shiny bauble, if only for a brief moment, before being plunged into bankruptcy.

Riddled as America is with unjust inequality of wealth and opportunity, one would imagine that Kate Hudson would not be able to venture out into public without a highly trained retinue of muscular, armed bodyguards to repel the attacks that would constantly be launched against her by guerillas fighting to wipe out the propaganda machine of the crony capitalists who work diligently to keep most of our countrymen mired in low wage misery. Bizarrely, this is not the case. Reports today indicate that Kate Hudson not only feels confident enough in the passivity of the masses to wear 20 karat diamond earrings at an “awards show” (that, in bitter irony, celebrates the alleged accomplishments of the very people who have the most good fortune handed to them on a silver platter)—she so little fears retribution from the poor that she dared to wear these earrings “all around LA running her errands in them.” This alluring propagandist for the value of vast inequality, secure as you please, paraded about a town in which nearly one in five of her fellow citizens live in poverty, her earlobes sagging under the weight of a rock worth an amount of money that could doubtless change thousands of lives. Rather than being put to good use in service of humanity, these glittering gems served no purpose other than to highlight Kate Hudson’s ability to possess them, in contrast to almost everyone else in this world.

No public outrage at this provocative act of class war has been reported thus far. It seems that the public was too busy working.

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