The Cannes Film Festival, where movie stars get to prance joyfully along the French Riviera, will have a little less glimmer this year, after thieves stole more than a million dollars worth of jewelry that was to be worn by celebrities.

The jewelry, which had been designed by the Swiss luxury jeweler Chopard, was snatched from a security box in the Hotel Novotel.

Chopard loans jewelry to celebrities for them to wear along the red carpet, and brings a 40-person team to Cannes to make sure their product is being worn. French police are investigating the theft, but have named no suspects yet.

Last-minute fashion alterations are much more popular among European than the neurotic Americans. "The Americans are so organised. They know what dress they're wearing months before and they tell us how their hair will be," Caroline Scheufele, co-vice-president of Chopard told the Evening Standard. "The Europeans are much cooler about the whole thing. They don't have an entourage around them. Things can change at the last minute."

Europeans are going to be so chill about this jewelry heist, expect them to just casually strut around, not even caring that their necks and ears remain unadorned, while Americans, panicked, will look nervously at the horizon, wondering who would be so brazen as to steal their Swedish bling? Was it Emma Watson?