A woman's New Year's Eve was ruined when she narrowly missed the ferry to Vancouver and couldn't convince the station staff to let her board after the cutoff time. With her boat about to depart without her, she threw a tremendous, last-ditch temper tantrum that has rocked Canada's national sense of politeness and propriety to its core.

"It's New Year's Eve for heaven sakes!" she shouts, the extreme stress of the situation forcing her to use, inappropriate uncanadian language. "You have no idea! You don't understand people's feelings and what this meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans ....!"

It's hard to tell because it all becomes one long screech at some point, but I'm pretty sure she even said "fuck." Whoa.

Scandalized passengers whipped out their phones to capture the rare meltdown. Canadians are very sorry that 800,000 people had to see the video on the Spotted in Victoria Facebook group.

"I refuse to watch this. I don't need to see someone having a hard time," said one CBC commenter.

"The courts haven't really figured out what happens when that gets loaded up on to YouTube or another website," defamation lawyer Daniel Reid told the CBC, underscoring Canada's unpreparedness for the national emergency of someone being rude and someone else rudely capturing the scene with their phone.

To be fair to the Canadian legal system, though, there's no way they could have seen this national tragedy coming.

"Obviously, it's something that people found funny or found interesting so they shared it with a lot of their friends and it's just the power of social media now. We never thought something like this could be possible," said Austin Singhera of Spotted in Victoria.

This is not the Canada we once knew, eh? Not at all.

[h/t Reddit]