A dentist who owns one of John Lennon's teeth is looking forward to the day when human cloning becomes sufficiently advanced that he can create a baby version of the late Beatle and raise the mini-rockstar as his own child.

Michael Zuk, of Alberta, Canada, paid $33,000 for the tooth when it was auctioned by Lennon's housekeeper two years ago.

"My goal is to own John Lennon's DNA," he told the U.K.'s Channel 4, adding that he believes exclusive control of the Beatle's genome is worth "millions."

As for the legal implications of "owning" a cloned individual, Zuk is confident he can navigate them by forum-shopping for a country where regulations are loose.

"Depends where you do these things. If it can't be done in one country you can do these things in another," he said.

Once he has his baby Clone Lennon, Zuk plans to put that whole "nature versus nurture" debate to rest by signing Lil John up for guitar lessons to see if he can become a famous musician, just like the man who involuntarily provided his genetic material.

The dentist has some interesting ideas about how to raise a rockstar, though.

"He would still be his exact duplicate but you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing," Zuk said.

That's exactly the kind of clean living that brought us albums like Rubber Soul and Magical Mystery Tour.

[Photo: Channel 4]