Two nations came together today during the men's cross-country semifinals when a Canadian coach came to the rescue of a Russian skier struggling to finish after he crashed and broke his ski.

Russian Anton Gafarov had been a favorite to medal until he crashed twice during the race, causing a piece of his ski to peel off and tangle around his leg. But unfortunately for Gafarov, the Russian coaches didn't make any moves to help him.

"It was like watching an animal stuck in a trap. You can't just sit there and do nothing about it," said Justin Wadsworth an American who at three Winter Olympics before becoming Canada's cross-country men's coach.

Wadsworth told the Star, "I wanted him to have dignity as he crossed the finish line."

It's not the first time coaches have stepped in for other teams. When Canadian cross-country skier Sara Renner snapped a pole during a relay at the 2006 Winter Olympics, Norway's coach got her a new one. Canada won the silver medal; Norway placed fourth, and Wadsworth went on to marry Renner's teammate, Canadian skier Beckie Scott.

[GIF via CBCNW, image via AP]