Public-relations sewer pipe Lanny Davis is having a little moment. Fresh off his urging of mean and vicious NFL owner Daniel Snyder to be less abrasive about his refusal to change his team's racist name, the "crisis manager" has joined the list of people helping Alex Rodriguez in the drug-linked slugger's battle with Major League Baseball.

Rodriguez is actually a bit of an unlikely client for Davis—although he's super-rich and viscerally unlikeable, he's not indisputably in the wrong. There's a perfectly reasonable case to be made that MLB's attempt to suspend him for a record 211 games is a gross feat of scapegoating, designed to cover up the league's structural hypocrisies about performance-enhancing drugs and to help the Yankees get out from under the long-term megacontract they gave Rodriguez, which guaranteed the team would still be paying him after he was too old to have any actuarial chance of being a star player.

Can Lanny Davis make that case, even though it might be true, and therefore outside his area of expertise? Or is this best understood as an exercise in metapropaganda? By now, Lanny Davis has become a sour punchline: Few things are more damaging to your reputation than admitting you need to hire the guy who reps mass murderers.

But so, speaking of mass murder, maybe Davis is following the example of Ari Fleischer. The shameless Bush flack is now the proprietor of Ari Fleischer Sports Communications. "Ari has helped me get ready for many major media events," crooked and self-dealing MLB commissioner Bud Selig says, according to a blurb on Fleischer's site, if you trust what Ari Fleischer publishes (you probably shouldn't).

Ari Fleischer has gone from being the snarling mouthpiece for a dishonest and disastrous war to being a guy who (says he) loves the Yankees and Dolphins. A sports guy, just like everybody. Albeit a sports guy who devotes his Twitter feed to concern-trolling the current presidential administration.

Here is a sports tweet from Ari Fleischer:

Oh, wait, OK, no, here:

Ari Fleischer found something America agrees with him about. Maybe Lanny Davis can, too. Who doesn't like sports?