Cranial bee sting victim Donald Trump is a leading presidential candidate, despite the fact that he is clearly a stupid, racist clown. Can Donald Trump say anything too stupid to dissuade his own backers?

I fear not. I’m sorry. I would like to believe that he could. But as time passes, and Donald Trump continues to not plummet down the polls like a falling lump of frozen urine, I fear not. I fear that there is in fact nothing that is racist, xenophobic, patronizing, or blatantly ignorant enough that could pass the lips of Donald Trump in a national media interview that his supporters would hear and say to themselves, “Hmm—maybe this once-in-a-generation narcissistic goon should not be the leader of the world’s most powerful nation.”

Yesterday? Yesterday was just a single day in a single week of a single month of a long, long campaign. But just yesterday, Donald Trump called “illegals” natural-born car thieves, and he told a Fox Business News interviewer that yes, he would consider closing down mosques in America to fight terrorism: “Absolutely. I think that’s great.”

He thinks that’s great!

“It depends, if the mosque is, you know, loaded for bear. I don’t know. You’re gonna have to certainly look at it,” he qualified, dumbly.

Just a dumb, racist idiot saying whatever idea pops into his big old head, no matter how stupid. This is what millions and millions of American voters prefer, as their leader. I fear that it may be not just difficult but impossible to be too stupid for a significant slice of the American electorate.

Prove me wrong, you fucking dolts.

[Photo: AP]