Hello. Do you live in an earthquake-prone part of Southern California? Look at the building in which you live and/ or work. Is it made of brick? Goodbye, my friend.

California, a picturesque spider web of fault lines which lures in humans with beautiful weather only to, eventually, swallow them into the fractured earth, just had pretty big earthquake. It will have many more earthquakes in our lifetime. Nevertheless, many optimistic (unwise) people continue to make their homes there. Some are more optimistic (doomed) than others. For example, the LA Times reports on the latest assessment of the fate of California cities that are too poor to retrofit all of their buildings for the inevitable shaking:

The city of San Bernardino, which is in bankruptcy, has one of the largest concentration of unreinforced masonry buildings in the state that are at risk of particularly intense ground motion, U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones said.

"This is not a question of 'Maybe these buildings will come down,' they absolutely will come down," she said.

California is just like the opposite of the Three Little Pigs. The people in the brick buildings come out dead.

If you are in California leave now or do not complain when a very bad thing happens.

[Photo: AP]