Earlier this month, San Marino, Ca. Mayor Dennis Kneier was caught on security camera throwing a bag of dog shit onto a neighbor's yard. Apparently, the incident was so embarrassing and scandalizing, he was forced to announce today that he's resigning as mayor.

He confirmed his resignation to NBC Los Angeles today, and said that Vice Mayor Eugene Sun will assume his role. And although he is parting with his mayoral duties, Kneier says he will stay a member of the San Marino City Council.

"This has been a challenging few days for our city and we're hopeful that with Mr. Kneier's decision, and with his public and private expressions of regret for the incident, we can move forward," Sun told NBC Los Angeles.

Kneier was caught on camera throwing a bag of dog shit onto neighbor Philip Lao's yard. Lao suspected that Kneier threw the shit as a form of retaliation for his opposition to a proposed dog park. Kneier later apologized to Lao and was cited for littering by the San Marino Police Department.

[Image via NBC Los Angeles]